What MortgagesDirect.ie can do for you as a mortgage broker

As a leading mortgage broker, you can trust MortgagesDirect.ie to get you the most competitive mortgage for your circumstances what-does-a-mortgage-broker-do

Taking on a mortgage is the biggest financial decision a person can ever make. It can be overwhelming – especially if you are a first time buyer. It is therefore important to get the right advice beforehand. As a mortgage broker, our team of highly experienced financial advisors will use their expertise to source you the most affordable mortgage and related insurance polices that match your specific needs.

Whether you are looking to refinance, move home or make that first step onto the property ladder, we’ll make the entire mortgage process easy from the initial application to the getting that loan cheque. And there are many reasons why you should use a mortgage broker like us:

1. We manage the whole process from start to finish

Whenever you apply for a mortgage with us, you will be assigned a financial advisor who will personally look after the application process. We advise you on every stage and liaise with all interested parties (mortgage lender, solicitor etc.) to ensure a prompt and efficient loan approval.

2. We deal directly with 5 mortgage lenders

This allows us to thoroughly compare the market and guarantee the lowest interest rates available. If you go through directly to a bank, you restrict yourself to their products and services which may not necessarily be the best deal you could get.

3. We will help you work towards approval – even if you’re not ready now or have been turned down

Have you been turned down for a mortgage? Want to get one but feel you’re not ready yet? No problem – we can still help you get approved. If you have been unsuccessful in past applications or feel that you’re not financially ready yet, we offer advice on what you need to do (and how long it takes to do it!) in order to work towards a strong application that will get you that mortgage.

4. We offer big discounts on Car, House and Life Insurance

When you take out a mortgage with us, we can also offer further discounts on your insurance needs. Our advisors offer generous discounts if you take out a House and Life Insurance policy (which are often necessary to be approved for a loan) at the same time. If you need to get a good deal on car insurance, we can get further discounts on that too!

We make the process easy – applying is even easier!

Make that first step towards approval and apply for a mortgage with MortgagesDirect.ie. You can also request a call back for a more convenient time or call to speak to a mortgage advisor on 1890 746 759 today.